“The Convergence Program approach goes a long way to building the climate of cooperation and trust among authorities and with the business community”
National Bank of Romania

“I believe that the approach that has taken Convergence to support local public-private partnerships for financial sector reform is a very appropriate one for our country’s stage of development and deserves all the support that it needs in order to accomplish its mandate”
Ministry of Public Finance, Romania

“The Convergence Program approach, which places significant importance on the collaboration among country and regional stakeholders, is the most appropriate one to support Albania’s modernization needs”
Bank of Albania and Association of Albanian Banks

“The Convergence Program’s SPI Platform is an effective instrument to accelerate financial modernization through structured public-private cooperation, particularly in the context of candidate and other countries in Eastern Europe.”
European Banking Federation

“The approach will greatly enforce the quality and power of work which will lead to the design of the securitization framework in compliance with EU standards”
Ministry of Finance, Croatia

“Our conviction is that the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Knowledge Transfer Program offered by the Convergence Program was an excellent means to improve the staff qualifications and skills in the field of financial services regulations drafting”
Financial Supervision Commission, Bulgaria

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