24 February 2010
Rome (Italy)
Convergence Program and ABI Servizi release case study with a new methodological approach to identify financial modernisation opportunities in the retail deposit market .
15 February 2010
Tirana (Albania)
SPI Albania Committee sends Thank You letter to World Bank for the Convergence Program’s assistance.
30 January 2010
Rome (Italy)
Convergence Program core team and special guests meet to consider 2005-2010 accomplishments and next steps Agenda;SPI Platform Overview; EU Civil Society Facility;Concluding Statement;Minutes; Group Picture.
16 December 2009
Washington, DC (USA)
Letter from the Head of the Convergence Program to SPI Albania Committee Members and Permanent Observers.
10 December 2009
Brussels (Belgium)
European Banking Federation launchesSPI Platform Toolkit distilling for its Eastern European Associates the 5-year experience gained by the Convergence Program in structuring public-private dialogue (Annex Part 1; Annex Part 2).
3 December 2009
Brussels (Belgium)
Presentation to the 29th Meeting of the European Banking Federation Associates on how Banking Associations of the Western Balkans and Turkey could strengthen their policy dialogue capabilities with support from the EU Civil Society Facility.
1 December 2009
Eschborn (Germany)
SPI Platform seminar with GTZ and German Development Institute staff.
20 November 2009
Rome (Italy)
Presentation on how the SPI Platform helps create connectivity between authorities and market participants at an Assonime Workshop.
19 November 2009
Tirana (Albania)
SPI Albania releases Report on Operational Activitiesthe engine of the financial modernization program.
10 November 2009
Washington, DC-Rome (Italy)
Release of the SPI Albania Handover Report for consideration by local stakeholders.
22-23 October 2009
Yerevan (Armenia)
Consultations with Armenia financial stakeholders on a proposed USAID-sponsored financial modernization program.
30 September 2009
San Marino (Rep. of San Marino)
Presentation on SPI Platform to Central Bank of San Marino and the Financial Community
24 June 2009
Rome (Italy)
Presentation on International Perspectives of Household Financial Services
13 May 2009
Washington, DC (USA)
Presentation to the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa Management Group
28-30 April 2009
Vienna (Austria)
World Bank Group Public-Private Dialogue International Workshop
13-17 April 2009
Yerevan (Armenia)
Presentation on SPI Platform to Armenia’s Financial Community
2-3 April 2009
Tirana (Albania)
EU Western Balkans Donor Co-ordination Conference
31 March 2009
Cairo (Egypt)
Convergence Program Briefing to Egypt’s Minister of Investments
6 March 2009
Washington, DC (USA)
Seminar on SPI Platform hosted by USAID
23 January 2009
Tirana (Albania)
Conference on SPI Albania- One Year Since its Inception
15 January 2009
Tirana (Albania)
SPI Albania Projects Seminar, European University of Tirana
3 December 2008
Brussels (Belgium)
European Banking Federation SPI Platform Working Seminar
25 November 2008
Brussels (Belgium)
European Banking Federation Executive Committee Chairman writes to World Bank in appreciation for the activities of the Convergence Program
18 November 2008
Washington, DC (USA)
Convergence Program responds to 39 questions by IFC independent Evaluator
7 November 2008
Bari (Italy)
Apulia Region’s International Conference on SPI Albania
6 November 2008
Address to the Executive Committee of the European Banking Federetion
31 October 2008
Belgrade (Serbia)
Serbia’s Ministry of Finance invited the Head of the Convergence Program to an informal discussion on the SPI Platform
25 September 2008
Kiev (Ukraine)
Convergence Program Concept EU Delegation Briefing
24 September 2008
Chisinau (Moldova)
SPI Platform Presentation to the Moldovan public-private banking community
18 July 2008
Belgrade (Serbia)
Address to CEE/SEE Banking Forum
16 July 2008
Washington, DC (USA)
Presentation to the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific Financial and Private Sector Group
5 June 2008
Tirana (Albania)
Presentation at European Banking Federation 26th Annual Meeting of the Associates
24 April 2008
Washington, DC (USA)
Letter to Bank of Albania and Association of Albanian Banks on the setting-up of SPI Albania, based on the mandate received.
16 April 2008
London (UK)
Briefing to DFID
15 April 2008
Brussels (Belgium)
Informal Brainstorming Session with European Commission’s DG Markt and Market Participants
18 March 2008
Budapest (Hungary)
Presentation at the 18th BACEE Conference (Banking Association of Central Europe)
4 March 2008
Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Convergence Program Banking Community Seminar
24-25 January 2008
London (England) and Bari (Italy)
Outline of the SPI Adriatic project for discussions with EBRD and Regione Puglia
19 January 2008
Bari (Italy)
Press Conference on SPI Albania’s Launch (in Italian)
5 December 2007
“Pioneering RIA in South-East Europe” Presentation at Committee of European Securities Supervisors
15-16 October 2007
Washington, DC (USA)
Presentation on SPI Romania’s Credit Bureau project to the International Finance Corporation’s Annual FinNet Meeting (undelivered)
15 June 2007
Rome (Italy)
Second Progress Report discussions with Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, Bank of Italy and Italian Banking Association officials
22 December 2006
Zagreb (Croatia)
Presentation to Croatia’s Securitization Law Public-Private Steering Committee
18 December 2006
Rome (Italy)
First Progress Report discussion with Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, Bank of Italy and Italian Banking Association officials
29 November 2006
Vienna (Austria)
Second Regional Host Supervision Workshop
25 September 2006
Washington,DC (USA)
Cooperation letter sent to the World Bank Regional Director for Private and Financial Sector Development
4 June 2006
Washington, DC (USA)
Convergence Program Head’s programmatic letter to short-listed candidates (Economist Ad.
30 May 2006
Tirana (Albania)
Financial Policy Issues of Deposit Insurance Schemes in South-East Europe Technical Seminar
10 May 2006
London (UK)
“The Special Project Initiative” -Presentation to Convergence Group Meeting Development"
2 April 2006
TIrana (Albania)
“How Has the Italian Banking Association Contributed to Financial System Development”-Lessons for Albania (Press Release).
4 March 2006
Bari (Italy)
Press Release on the Convergence Program’s contribution to the Italian-Albanian Remittances Seminar
3 March 2006
Bucharest (Romania)
Press Release on the Convergence Program findings of the Romanian Deposit Guarantee Fund study presented at the RDGF 10th Anniversary Symposium
21 February 2006
Bucharest (Romania)
Press Release on Seminar with the Board of the Association of Romanian Banks and the National Bank of Romania on the Cesarini Report on the organization and activities of the Italian Banking Association
20 February 2006
Zagreb (Croatia)
Press Release on Seminar with the Board of the Croatian Banking Association on the Cesarini Report on the organization and activities of the the Italian Banking Association
4 October 2005
Washington DC (USA)
Remarks prepared for delivery by World Bank Financial Sector Vice President to IFC’s Global Financial Markets Retreat
29 May 2005
Tsakhkadzor (Armenia)
How to Build a Public-Private Partnership: An Address to Armenia Forum
21 May 2004
Brdo (Slovenia)
Briefing to Center of Excellence in Finance Supervisory Board Meeting
22 September 2003
Dubai (UAE)
Supporting Financial Sector Reform WB-IMF Annual Meeting
23 May 2003
Bucharest (Romania)
Presentation on Convergence Program Initiative to Governor’s Club Meeting

16 July 2009 IFC SmartLessons on SPI Albania Auction Procedures Project
18 June 2009 European Banking Federation Newsletter article on the SPI Platform
18 May 2009 Ernst & Young Donor Dynamics Magazine article on SPI Albania activities
25 February 2009 Panorama newspaper article on SPI Albania (in Albanian)
24 February 2009 Review of World Bank Group’s Support to Structured Public-Private Reform Platforms
28 July 2008 Bankar Magazine article on SPI Platform
26 February 2008 Interview by Ziarul Financiar on Electronic Processing of Debit Instrument Project of SPI Romania
24-25 January 2008 Press Reviews on SPI Albania Conference in Bari, Italy (in Italian)
20 December 2007 European Banking Federation article on SPI Romania in its review of Better Regulation practices in EU Member Countries
13 September 2007 World Bank Article on “Unleashing Romania’s Financial Revolution”
17 July 2007 International Finance Corporation SmartLessons on SPI Romania

11-12 January 2010
Tirana (Albania)
Regulatory Impact Assessment Seminar
22-24 September 2008
Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Second Regional Regulatory Impact Assessment Seminar
31 January 2008
Tirana (Albania)
Regulatory Impact Assessment Knowledge Transfer Workshop
13-15 November 2007
Sofia (Bulgaria)
Regulatory Impact Assessment Knowledge Transfer Workshop
12-14 September 2007
Lubljana (Slovenia)
First Regional Regulatory Impact Assessment Seminar
16 April 2007
Bucharest (Romania)
Regulatory Impact Assessment Knowledge Transfer Workshop
15 September 2006
Bucharest (Romania)
Romanian Banking Institute Symposium on Regulatory Impact Assessment

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