The European Banking Federation, in cooperation with the Convergence Program, has released an SPI Platform Toolkit with practical instructions to its Associate Members in Eastern Europe on how to set up the governance and work methodologies to undertake a financial sector modernization program.

The Toolkit can be used as a guide to banking associations and financial authorities worldwide as they consider establishing a partnership to modernize their financial sector.

European Banking Federation SPI Platform Toolkit
Welcome Note , Foreword , Preface
Executive Summary
Chapter 1- What is the SPI Platform? Annex
Chapter 2- Why Build an SPI Platform?
Chapter 3 -How to Promote an SPI Platform? Annex
Chapter 4- How to Initiate the SPI Partnership with Authorities? Annex
Chapter 5- How to Launch and SPI Platform? Annex
Chapter 6- How to Fund SPI Platform Activities? Annex
Chapter 7 -How to Implement SPI Platform Activities? Annex
Chapter 8- What Are the Main SPI Platform Operating Processes? Annex
Chapter 9- How Can EBF Help Its Associates? Annex
Useful Reading

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