SPI Secretariat Activities

Under SPI Committee oversight, the SPI Secretariat supports the analyses formulated by the working groups with qualitative and quantitative evidence and adds an international perspective to the documents submitted for SPI Committee endorsement. Please review our Activity Reports below.

The SPI Secretariat strives to help public and private stakeholders achieve commonly-agreed solutions with evidence-based analytical approaches. Attached is an example of stakeholder-based activity reporting.

The SPI Secretariat could function with three functional roles of General Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Financial Modernization Program and Analytics. A general presentation of how their functions interact is presented in the attached Training Package.

Ideally, a two person full-time SPI Secretariat leads annually about 10-12 project, works closely with a Technical Anchor on 2-3 projects and can coordinate 4-6 projects - for a total of about 16-20 project annually. Attached is a Report on the Operational Activities supporting the financial modernization program.

SPI Secretariat could play different roles in managing a project, that is (a) either playing the lead role, or (b) sharing the analytical activities with a Technical Anchor or (c) supporting the Project Working Group and a Technical Anchor with convening and coordination functions. Attached is an illustration of activities supported by the SPI Platform.

SPI Albania Secretariat Activity Reporting
Period Report
May 2008 January 2009
June 2008 February 2009
July 2008 March 2009
August 2008 April 2009
September 2008 May 2009
October 2008 June 2009
November 2008 July 2009
December 2008 September 2009
SPI Albania Annual Activity Report 2008 October 2009
November 2009
December 2009
SPI Albania 2009 Annual Report 2009

SPI Romania Secretariat Activity Reporting
January 2007 July 2007
February 2007 August 2007
March 2007 September 2007
April 2007 October 2007
May 2007 November 2007
June 2007 December 2007
SPI Romania Annual Activity Report 2007
January 2008

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