Consistent with its mandate to catalyze domestic public-private collaboration, the bulk of the experts mobilized by the Convergence Program had a strong management profile. Large-scale and sustainable impact opportunities are created through operational leverage built around key professionals with capabilities to organize and aggregate work done by large teams. The initial Management Team had an unusually senior profile, which was necessary to meet the implementation challenges of an innovative approach.

Convergence Program hired few technical experts to fill the knowledge gaps of local working teams with international experience.

In all instances, Convergence Program paid close attention to defining specific responsibilities and deliverables of its experts to fulfill its fiduciary duties to its clients and financiers.

Regional Management
Convergence Program Management Launch Arrangements
Country Senior Advisor; Senior Advisor (Market Participants)
Convergence Program Deputy Head
Convergence Program Acting Deputy Head
SPI Regional Operations Director
Convergence Program Operations Management
Study on Italian Banking Association
Financial Modernization Search Engine
SPI Platform Toolkit

Country Management
SPI Albania Build-Up
SPI Platform Support Services
Senior Country Advisor; SPI Platform Senior Advisor
SPI Albania General Manager
Director of Analytics and Policy
Director Modernization Program and Analytics
SPI Secretariat Modernization Program Consultants
Director of Banking Products and Services
Head of Serbia Financial Sector Guillotine Secretariat
SPI Banking Sector Anchor
SPI Romania Transition Arrangements Management; Legal Analysis

Romania Deposit Guarantee Fund Analytical Team;Peer Reviewer
Regional Supervisory Coordination Project; Seminar; Market Participant Survey
Italy-Albania Remittances Leader;Co-Leader;Research Assistant
Croatia Securitization Independent Reviewer; Personal Legal Advisor;Local Representative
Main Analyst;Second Analyst
Regulatory Impact Assessment Seminar Team Validation; Regional Seminar Instructor; Tirana Seminar Instructor
Rural Lending in Romania
IFRS Loan Loss Treatment

Convergence Program Office Manager
Web Design
Editorial Assistance
SPI Romania Office Assistance

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